Thursday, October 13, 2005

". . .et ne nos inducas in tentationem."

I've thought about commenting on this all morning. It may be stretching Christian charity too far. But I'm going to attempt it.

Perhaps if I just muse on how this might affect how the game is played. For instance: what other umpire signs don't really mean what everyone's thought they meant for the past, oh, say, 130 years? If a ball close to the line is called foul, maybe the runner ought to high-tail it to first anyway until the umpire says he's sure. And maybe the fielder ought to keep after it and throw it to first just in case. Letting the ball boy get it just because the umpire says it's foul could have unfortunate consequences.

Who knew that baseball rules were so like the U.S. Constitution. Things just sort of emanate from the penumbra.

There now. I wasn't to hard on poor, unfortunate Mr Eddings was I. Not in print anyway. Poor Mary had to listen to the verbal tirade last night, though. I think it even woke her up.