Thursday, September 01, 2005

Need at the Covington/New Orleans Carmel

The following was received this evening via Cincarm and the Baltimore Carmel:

Little Rock's Sister Camilla received the following this morning from Sister Edith of Covington:

Sister Edith of Covington Carmel called at 5:15am on a borrowed cell phone that was getting through. She wanted us to know how they were doing. The Carmelite friars left for Marylake last night (Wed.). The Benedictine Abbey near by asked the Nuns to take in some of their overflow refugees, especially one of the sick Fathers. The Sisters themselves are sleeping in cupboards to accommodate the guests. The big problem they are facing now is food since nothing can be bought. If anyone is heading down in their direction, please load up some food for them. Highway 55 through Jackson MS is open and get onto I-12 at Hammond which will take you into Covington, but take the exit from I-12 at Covington Point. It's a small subdivision just below the Carmel. Both ends of River Road are blocked. The whole situation is horrendous. Gangs with heavy guns stop the medical trucks with supplies and took all the drugs. You cannot imagine what it's like.

Here in Arkansas hotels and many places have taken in refugees from LA and MS. Marylake and our Carmel have offered our places for Jackson Carmel, should they need to evacuate. Our law enforcement agencies and disaster relief vehicles have left to help LA and MS.

We will keep you updated on any further information we get. Prayers are still needed for these poor people and situations.

Your Little Rock Sisters,
Sister Petra, OCD