Friday, September 02, 2005

Friday Morning News from the Covington/New Orleans Carmel

Via e-mail:

"Our New Orleans friars brought to Marylake a CD with some photos of the damage at the Covington Carmel. They are posted at Katrina Hits Carmel along with more detailed news of the adventures of our friars." And nuns.

There is almost no news of the Carmelite Seculars of the New Orleans community. Pascal Alfano, one of the Provincial Councillors, has been heard from and "he is safe and sound in Ft Worth staying with friends. His home has 10 ft of water in it so he's among those who have basically lost everything." No word of any others.

Steven at Flos Carmeli has some news of the Carmelites of the Ancient Observance in New Orleans here and here.

The Dominicans of Holy Rosary Convent report here and here in their wonderful weblog Moniales on their Dominican brothers and sisters in the wake of Katrina. More can be found here.

The condition of the Benedictines in the area is mostly unknown. Abbot Justin of St Joseph's Abbey reports that the Abbey weathered the storm fairly well. His letter is here. The principal Benedictine website in the U.S. has this to report on the other foundations:

"Four days after the arrival of Hurricane Katrina, Benedictines are without direct news of our brothers of Saint Joseph Abbey [but see Abbot Justin's letter cited above] that is located near Covington about 65 km north of New Orleans and Lake Pontchartrain. Phone service to Saint Benedict, Louisiana, is unavailable, and the monastery's website is not online. Let us remember in prayer all those so severely affected by the unprecedented natural disaster along the Gulf Coast.

"News is also unavailable about the five Benedictine Sisters at Our Lady Queen Monastery in Tickfaw, LA, located near US Interstate 55, about 25 miles WNW of Covington. Their website is also down. The monastery is a dependency of Saint Scholastica Priory, Petersham, MA."

Most of the bishops in the hurricane's path are accounted for.
from "The Order of St Benedict"