Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Answer is: They Evacuate

I had no sooner posted "What To Do?" below than within the hour the answer came (Thanks, Elizabeth):

"[The Covington Carmel] had a couple trees fall down on buildings. Some roof damage but minor. No one hurt. The Covington nuns do have a generator and drinking water. But they are considering evacuating to Marylake [in Little Rock, Arkansas] along with our New Orleans friars and students who evacuated to Covington.

"Our nuns in Jackson, [Mississippi] also have a generator but no drinking water.
They are also considering evacuating to Marylake.

"In both places, phone lines are pretty busy so its hard to get through
but that's the little bit of news we've heard so far."

Fias, Domine, refugium pauperi,
-- sis ei adiutor in tribulatione.
Adimple vota populi tui, Domine!