Thursday, July 07, 2005

Catching Up

Still without a decent excuse, I have missed commenting here on more than a few things that caught my attention in the past couple of weeks. Not least among them was yesterday's feast in the Pauline calendar of St Maria Goretti, surely a necessary patroness for the 21st century. When I review some of the cyber-sewage that my spam filters capture. . .Pius XII's canonization of her seems more and more prophetic.

And then there was Dominion Day, which I didn't mention at all on the day. The illustration of the old red ensign on Hilary's post for the day again reminds me of the symbolic advantage Canadian traditionalists have over the American old right and paleo-conservatives: a national symbol all their own. And a very beautiful one, too. Those who hate the American tradition don't drop the old symbols, they just co-opt them. We have nothing quite like the old red ensign.

One more Dominion Day reference: Andrew Cusack provides a pipe version of "Maple Leaf Forever" played by the band and pipes of the 48th Highlanders of Canada (with a bit of "Alberta Bound" in the middle of it for reasons best known to the mighty 48th).

And finishing up, one link for the United States. Oorah.