Wednesday, July 13, 2005

13 July

Today is the feast of St Teresa of the Andes in the Discalced Carmelite calendar. She is Chile's first canonized saint and the first canonized Carmelite saint of the western hemisphere. And possibly a Scottish saint, too, if you count her "Armstrong" granny.

The hagiographical reading for the Office of Readings on her feast can be found here. Pope John Paul's homily at her canonization is here.

The collect for her feast:

God of mercy, joy of the saints,
You set the young heart of Blessed Teresa ablaze
with the fire of virginal love for Christ and for His church;
and even in suffering You made her a cheerful witness to charity.
Through her interecession,
fill us with the delights of Your Spirit,
so that we may proclaim by word and deed
the joyful message of Your love to the world.
We as this through our Lord. Amen.