Monday, June 13, 2005

What Not To Wear -- Ecclesiastical Edition

Mike Fieschko's blog In Illo Tempore has been cited here before. If you've visited you know it's great plum pudding of interesting citations. Today he's given a reference to "Quodlibet" a blog brand new to me. And what we have here in the Quodlibet citation is the text of a 1969 papal document, Ut sive sollicite, which gives the revised do's and don't's of prelatial "vesture, titles, and coats-of-arms". The relevant post is here. Now you know why you never see red cardinalatial galeros any more. Or episcopal mantelletas. Or silver shoe buckles on anyone (other than the pipers in the of the Irish regiments.)

Heaven knows why, but I love this stuff.