Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Some pictures are up of the annual Pentecost Pilgrimage; just a few thousand Catholics out for a stroll from Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris to the Cathedral of Chartres for a Solemn Mass. An even one hundred pictures of this years jaunt can be found here. Each year the pilgrimage takes place on Pentecost holiday weekend (it takes the weekend: it's 70 some miles) to plead with Our Lord and petition the hierarchy for the return of the free use of the traditional liturgies. (The pilgrimage website can be found here. It's mostly in French, but not too difficult to decipher.)

A recent clerical comment regarding the institution of a new indult Mass in Michigan: "The idea behind allowing this mass was that it could help older people in the later stages of their lives. The hope is that this mass eventually will fade away." Take a close look at the pictures on the linked pages. Pictures like this:

Looking pretty spry, those older folks in the later stages of their lives. Could the traditional rites be the fountain of youth? Ponce de Leon: Call your office.