Saturday, May 07, 2005

"England's 'pre-eminent ethicist'"

The proud bearer of that honour is someone called Baroness Warnock, according to Touchstone magazine's summary of an article in The Sunday Times. The rest of the newsnote from Touchstone says that she
has suggested that "the frail as well as the terminally ill should shuffle off early," to avoid spending money "that society could use better as inheritance tax." If parents want to keep a prematurely born baby alive on a life-support machine, she said, "Maybe it comes down to saying, 'Okay, they can stay alive but the family will have to pay for it.'" And if doctors wanted to keep the child alive, "I don't see why the rest of us should be sacrificed to the scruples of the medical profession."

It doesn't need any comment and Touchstone doesn't provide any. But I can't resist. If this is the pre-eminent ethicist the blood runs cold at what the opinion of the least eminent ethicist might be.