Friday, April 29, 2005

Mr Smith Goes to Washington -- or maybe not. We'll have to check with our attorneys

Just whose side is Jimmy Stewart on anyway? 66 years ago he starred in Mr Smith Goes to Washington which gave us the short-and-sweet answer to the question "What's a 'filibuster'?" Now Jimmy as Senator Smith is back in the thick of it with both sides of the senatorial aisle fighting over his patronage. This morning's Times tells us all about it here.

[Note this little tidbit: It turns out that the licensing department at Columbia Pictures, now a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment, gave the liberal group rights to the film clip in January under the impression that People for the American Way was a nonpartisan group that intended to use the image for a public service announcement. Ah, yes. "People for the American Way" the well-known non-partisan group. The licensing department at Columbia Pictures doesn't get out much does it.]