Saturday, March 05, 2005

Piping in Unexpected Places

Finishing up last week's Wanderer, I noticed an ad on the penultimate page for Christendom College and there illustrating it, without a word of explanation, was a photo of a piper. (No, not the picture shown above illustrating this post. That poor ole fella in the advanced stages of decrepitude is obviously far too antique to be matriculating among the fresh faces of Christendom.) I checked the Christendom website for the original of the advertisement, but no. No picture and no explanation of what the said piper might be doing there with an Irish badge in his highland bonnet. Other, that is, than bringing enlightenment, culture, and the pure music of heaven to the Catholic scholars of Virginia.

Without other explanation, I suppose we'll just have to assume it's a case of good taste blossoming in the publicity department of Christendom College.