Saturday, March 12, 2005

New in the Left-Hand Column

"The Pope Blog" was recommended to me during the week. I had not seen this one before but it looks to be a very useful addition to the web. It's only unfortunate that it should be the Holy Father's health that makes it such a timely addition to the blogroll.

Eric Scheske's "The Wednesday Eudemon" has been around for over a year but is new-to-me. The Chestertonian view of life there is very congenial and well-worth a visit.

There is also a new section on the Eastern Church which I had been planning for a while. I waited too long on a few sites which now seem to have vanished. Of the rest, most are links to local churches that I have attended and the eparchies they belong to. But the last two links in that section, recommended to me a very long time ago, are two of the best. The first is a great aid to prayer in the Eastern tradition and the second more for research and information.

And then there is this one: "Chant Links" This one contains links to pretty much all the information there is on the web about Gregorian Chant.

And finally Video meliora, proboque; deteriora sequor. This is neither new to blogdom nor new to me. It's not even supposed to be new to the blogroll. But in putting up The Wednesday Eudemon I noticed that the coding for "Video, etc." was wrong. Instead of a "=" I had a "-" in the HTML. So you've never seen "Video, etc." in the left-hand column even though it should have been there lo' these many months. Blast. (Though, of course, you don't really need a citation from The Inn to visit Mr O'Rama. You do that already. But still. It's the principal of the thing.)