Sunday, December 05, 2004

A Veiling Oneself

Found on Fiat Mihi this evening, another of Hilary's wonderful essays, full of insight and delight:

The logical principle of non-contradiction is something that is understood, at least at an instinctive level, by conservatives. Few people know this, but the agony being experienced in our cultural movements now, comes from this contradiction; liberalism, as Malcolm Muggeridge put it, has a death wish. It is because liberalism is founded upon the idea that you can ignore the logical principle of non-contradiction and just get on with doing whatever you want. This idea, is of course, self-contradictory; hence the pain of cognitive dissonance we are experiencing on a grand pan-cultural scale. The death wish is the desire to reconcile the irreconcilable - an unconscious desire for anihilation.

It's ostensibly about women's head-covering in church, but as you can see, really about much more.

Vistare decet.