Saturday, December 11, 2004

Mother Maria Maravillas of Jesus

The Carmelite calendar today commemorates a new saint, Mother Maria Maravillas de Jesus. Mother Maravillas died only in 1974 after 65 years as a nun of Carmel. The short biography composed for the Carmelite office propers reads this way:

She was born at Madrid in 1891. She entered the El Escorial Carmel, Madrid on 12th October 1919. In 1924 she was inspired to found a Carmel at Cerro de los Angeles, alongside the monument to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. From this foundation followed nine others in Spain and one in India. She always gave first place to prayer and self-sacrifice. She had a true passionate zeal for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. Even while living a life of poverty in the cloister she helped those who were in need, initiating apostolic, social and charitable works. In a particular way she helped those of her own order, priests, and other religious congregations. She died in the monastery of La Aldehuela, Madrid, on the 11th December 1974.

This website dedicated to her contains some pictures and the beginnings of a biography.

There is a longer and fuller treatment of her life here on the Vatican's website.

Yet another version, perhaps more of a meditation on her life can be found here at a site maintained by the Benedictines of the Monastere St Joseph de Clairval. (At one time a direct link was blocked although it seems to be working now. If it doesn't work, you might want to enter through the front door here and follow the "Monthly Letter" links to the article on Mother Maravillas.)