Saturday, December 11, 2004

Housekeeping. . . . again

The blogroll is starting to look like a blogroll again. Much of the old material is back with some new items. I was surprised - not to say embarassed - by how many of the old links were dead. Some of the old "Meditations on Carmelite Saints" were linked to pages that would no longer accept a direct link, although the material is still on line. To find them again, check the link to the Monastery of St. Joseph de Clairval below in the post on Saint Maria Maravillas de Jesus. Then follow the internal links to the "Monthly Letters". They're still there, along with much else that can side-track you for a while if you're not disciplined.

Thus the long-postponed aggiornamento of the blogroll is now getting done, albeit slowly. It's by no means finished; there are still a few categories that aren't represented at all. And some of the current ones still need to be added to. Tomorrow may bring an Irish section if I have time.