Monday, December 06, 2004

Expeditionary Strike Group Five

The news story is here.

I mention it in order to pass on a request for prayer from one of their Catholic chaplains received on one of my Catholic e-mail lists:

Now that we are underway I can ask your prayers for the Sailors
and Marines of Expeditionary Strike Group Five. We deployed today
for the Pacific and points west. Our mission has yet to be announced
but if you watch the news you will probably hear about it as soon as
we do. For all the dangers involved this can also be a great moment
of grace as these young men and women are confronted with the stark
realities of life and death. It was a beautiful, clear and sunny day
as we set sail with the great battle ensign flying from the mast,
Sailors and Marines manning the rails and Anchors Away and the Marine
Hymn playing. May God's provident care accompany us, protect us and
bring us by His Grace safely home. Amen.