Friday, November 26, 2004


An exquisite meal. . .my gravy, but Mary did the rest. After my ill-advised third helping of same I proceeded to move slowly and carefully to the television set to watch . . . . .baseball.

If you'll cast your minds back to one of the earlier chapters in this enterprise, you'll recall that I missed not only the entire World Series but also games 4 through 7 of the Red Sox/Yankees play-off series. My friend Gary has very kindly given me the loan of these very tapes and I have been rationing them carefully to last. No more than one per day. This is making it an excellent Thanksgiving weekend. One can only pity those relegated to that other game being shown on live television. You know, the one very like rugby, only with full body armour and the rules carefully altered to suck out all the skill and athleticism. And should any remain, large blocks of time where nothing happens are inserted to insure that boredom remains a constant.