Sunday, November 07, 2004

Sunday 7 November

Today is the 23d Sunday after Pentecost in the traditional Roman calendar, the 22d after Trinity in the old Carmelite Rite and in the traditional Anglican calendar. Although it isn't celebrated since it is Sunday, in the current Discalced Carmelite calendar it is also the feast of the Blessed Francisco Palau y Quer, O.C.D.

Bl. Francisco was a 19th century Spanish Carmelite who was serially exiled (vulgo dicta: "kicked from pillar to post") by the anti-clericals of his age. In exile he founded 2 third order regular communities, one for brothers and one for sisters. Two short articles on his spirituality can be found here and here.

[If anyone is wondering how yesterday went, the bronchia/lungs/what-have-you were obedient and held up long enough to play the event. The blowing was fairly steady and there was no major break-down; but the playing was pedestrian and not very musical. I wasn't pleased. But apparently Bl. Josefa caused my people to hear something other than what I played. They were delighted and payed me more than our agreed upon fee. Gratias ago tibi, beata Josefa.]