Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Iraq Again

PM Scott Taylor of the 1st Batt. Black Watch plays his pipes on the Jurf-Al-Sukhr Bridge, in Iraq last Sunday during a memorial for three members of his regiment killed by a suicide bomber the previous week. (Pipers on the web who heard it on television in Britain say it was "Flowers of the Forest".) The Black Watch is standing in at the "triangle of death" for American troops needed for the push on Fallujah.
There is no shortage of news articles on line covering the Watch: here, here, and here for a start.

Now that American troops are advancing into Fallujah, there are stories on the net from the major news sources. But the television news seems only mildly interested. I have been turning channels this afternoon and there is nothing on the major networks. The cable news outlets have news updates at the usual intervals. So far as I can tell, though, the battle seems to be taking a back seat to the Scott Peterson jury. I would have thought that, if nothing else, a battle would be more "televisual" than waiting for a jury to come to a decision. Guess not.