Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Another Sweep!

Yes, once again, right across the board, everyone I voted for lost. Well, maybe the occasional judge might have won. They haven't reported on the judgeships. Otherwise, I am represented entirely by Democrats: state assembly, state senate, congress, and U.S. Senate. Dick-and-George were the only Republicans on my ballot who won and, natch, I didn't vote for them.

And then there's this:

Wagering that embryonic stem cells could provide cures for the most disabling ailments, Californians on Tuesday voted to create a $3-billion research effort that would be the nation's most aggressive. . . .Underwriting 10 years of scientific study, Proposition 71 — placed on the ballot by venture capitalists, Hollywood stars and rich people with sick relatives — will swell the financial obligations of what is already the most indebted state in America. With all of the state's precincts reporting, the measure was approved by 59.1% of the voters.

What a state.