Tuesday, July 13, 2004

St. Teresa of Jesus (of the Andes)

Today is the feast of the young Carmelite saint, Teresa of the Andes. Born and raised in Chile she is that nation's first canonized saint. (And she had a grandmother named Armstrong; is she then the first canonized Carmelite of Scottish ancestry? Yes, I can stretch a point with the best of them.)

There is a biography here with some selections from her letters. (The imbedded midi on that page plays "How Great Thou Art". Seems an odd choice.)

A few years ago EWTN broadcast a mini series of her life made in Chile. It was run in Spanish with subtitles. It had all the hyper-emotionalism you can find on the Univision soap operas but it stuck very close to the facts of her life and is well-worth viewing if you can find it.