Tuesday, June 22, 2004


The world is in desperate need of a minder. I go off on sick leave for a few short days and everything pretty much collapses in a heap. For a start, I left specific instructions that the traditional Mass in the Orange Diocese was to be restored to St. Mary's and what do I find? No one has done anything about it.

Bill Clinton has even tried to take advantage of my fevered misery to sneak his 950 page apologia pro vita sua under the radar and onto the market. Can you imagine? Fortunately, there is the New York Times to take up the slack. The Times finds, among other things, that

Part of the problem is that ``My Life'' is relentlessly chronological, especially the second half of the book, which is devoted to his presidency. Almost every paragraph describes another meeting with a foreign leader or the signing of another bill or delivery of another speech.

The effect is mind-numbing. It's like being locked in a small room with a very gregarious man who insists on reading his entire appointment book, day by day, beginning in 1946.

A nice remedy for the L.A.Times' review last Sunday which rather liked the book. Since I am seldom fair and almost never balanced, I leave you to search that one out for yourselves.

As for the cold/flu or whatever that was, it seems to be going away. I got a prescription for something called Azithromycin which seemed to take the meanness out of it. The cough is still there but no longer sounds like a passing Harley. For which my wife, and probably neighbors on both sides of us, are deeply grateful.