Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Oncumin o tha Leid

Giein a heft til Ulster-Scotch as a leevin leid an forderin tha uise an oncumin o it.

I've spent an enjoyable few hours, staying up far too late in the process, browsing the website where I found that first sentence. It's the site put up by the Ulster Scots Agency, a Northern Irish government agency formed to promote the use and advancement ("tha uise an oncumin") of the Ulster Scots language/dialect. Most of it, mind, is in standard English so that even those of us who dig with the other foot can understand it. It's a fascinating look at the Ulster Scots language and culture.

There are plenty of audio files here, many of which accompany the written text to allow the visitor to get a feel for the sound of the speech. There are also some good musical selections on that page.