Sunday, April 11, 2004

Easter Mass

Easter Mass today at St. Mary's was balm to the soul. It was one of the most beautiful I've ever experienced. We usually have a High Mass on Sunday. But since there is only Fr. Johnson it's almost never a full Solemn Mass. But today there was not only a celebrant but a deacon and subdeacon so we were able to have the full solemnity according to the rubrics. There is nothing like our magnificent old liturgy. The celebrant was a canon from St. Michael's Abbey, the deacon was a diocesan deacon, and the subdeacon was a local man who is studying for the priesthood with the Institute of Christ the King.

Fr. Johnson has never recovered completely from his bout with cancer and his health was not helped by a recent fall. His retirement has long been planned for this coming May in any event, but he now needs the rest more than ever. If you could find a few moments to pray for this outstanding priest of God it would be greatly appreciated. There are few that deserve prayer as much as he.

And, yes, as you might have inferred from the above, we don't know if or how our indult Mass will continue. A prayer that it will would be very much appreciated by me.

Thanks in advance.