Sunday, March 07, 2004

Dominica Secunda in Quadragesima

or the Second Sunday of Lent and I haven't done any blogging since Tuesday. I'd like to give an exciting reason for this but there isn't one. My time has been devoured by locusts. Lots of auditions, lots of appointments and inquiries, lots of paperwork to keep track of same, and some great gigs with the Smithwick's folks. And a computer virus that eluded the ever-watchful creation of the folks at Symantec.

The news stations have been alive with discussion of the Martha Stewart guilty verdict. Amazing. Can anyone really be all that interested poor Martha? Well, her family I suppose. But the whole country? It seems to me the principal lessons to take home are two: (1) Don't talk to federal investigators under any circumstances. Plead the 5th and shut up. As it appears now it is perjury if any statement you make to them turns out to be wrong whether or not you were under oath. (2) - and this one is courtesy of the Motley Fool's newsletter - Never buy or sell stock based upon rumor.