Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The Budget Crystal Cathedral II

I am reminded today by Someone Not A Hundred Miles From Here, but who shall otherwise be unidentified because she would like to keep her job, that she works in a relatively brand new and largely glass building. It would perhaps be too much to call it a disaster. But it has proved to be a very impractical building. It needs a very large and expensive air conditioning plant which has already broken down at least once and needed a repair/replacement job that ran almost to six figures. Certain areas of the building are perpetually too warm except on the coldest days. Tinting the glass has helped only slightly.

It leaks when it rains.

The Curt Jester's illustration with the Windex bottle is exactly on the mark. It needs almost constant cleaning. Rain does not help; it turns the dust to mud.

Birds. Birds fly into it and against it. And they fly over it; the Windex bottle comes into play here again.

In short, although it will never be as coyote ugly as our new cathedral, Mr. Monaghan's new chapel may have made it over the finish line first in the impracticality stakes.

Just trying to be helpful.