Sunday, March 28, 2004

The Budget Crystal Cathedral

The Curt Jester's inimitable take on the new glass chapel in the equally new Ave Maria University is here.

Some folks seem to like it. It looks cheesy to me. I've played for weddings at Frank Lloyd Wright's all-glass Wayfarer's Chapel and for a couple of funerals at the original Crystal Cathedral and I'm not overly fond of either. The Wayfarer's has a certain charm but it is stifling and very uncomfortable when you are in the direct sun. I didn't play in the main body of the CC but saw a bit of it. I would guess it costs a small fortune to air condition. Florida is often warmer - and almost always more humid - than this section of California. Why would anyone smarter than a bag of hammers want to build a glass building in Florida? Half the tuition will go on air conditioning costs.