Sunday, February 22, 2004

In spring a young man's thoughts turn to

. . . .Spring Training. And the Angels in particular. The Dodgers and their new G.M. have made the local papers lately. And that's nice; I wish them well. But so far as I can tell they are still a pitching staff in search of a baseball team. No matter how well you pitch, even if every game is a shut-out, at some point, in some way, you have to get at least one runner all the way around the bases to home plate. Until the Dodgers can do that - even if it's getting four guys beaned in row - this isn't going to be their year. As the late and greatly missed Jim Healy never tired of quoting Tommy Lasorda: "[They] couldn't hit water if [they] fell out of a boat."

But the Angels. Oh, my. I was asked my opinion some time ago (sorry, Joseph!) as to whom the Angels were going to face in the World Series this year. That's a tough one to even mention for someone whose only superstition is baseball. It's like talking about a perfect game before it's over. But, jeez. It's getting hard not to. Vladimir Guerrero. Bartolo Colon. And the bulk of the regular staff are no longer on the disabled list. Last year I think they were lined up in the hall waiting for treatment.
This year. . .yes, this year could be the second time.

[Ever tried to type with your fingers crossed? Isn't easy.]