Friday, February 06, 2004

Book of Divine Worship again

I've been using the Daily Offices from the Book of Divine Worship lately. This is a wonderful way of prayer. Whatever about Thomas Cranmer's personal orthodoxy, the man knew his way around an English sentence. (And any worries anyone had about orthodoxy should have been alleviated by the Roman vetting of the book, reportedly by Dom Alcuin Reid who has updated Fortescue/O'Connell for use in the 1962 Roman Rite.)

Small recommendation. This has been recommended before but I would like to join the opinion. It really should be in two volumes. The current size is far too big; its portability is difficult. And I really only have a need for Rite I; I can't imagine ever using Rite II. So a Rite I volume and a Rite II volume would be perfect.

While on the subject of the AU, a DVD of the Anglican Use Mass is being planned. Anyone who might be interested can register to be notified here when it is ready. Since it doesn't appear I will ever be able to attend one in person, my name is on the list.