Thursday, January 15, 2004

Being Catholic

This heartfelt article is from a recent number of the Ottawa Citizen and is archived here. The attraction to the Church is the attraction to Christ.

It begins:

At the end of last summer, in successive Sunday columns for Aug. 31st and Sept. 7th, I wrote on why I had decided to give up on the Anglicans and become a Catholic. Such questions are settled between oneself and God, and today are considered to belong to the realm of the private. But if one writes for readers, they are also public questions -- a reader should know where a writer is coming from; and to whom, or to what, he owes his allegiance. Besides, to judge from mail, people seem genuinely curious about my religious beliefs; including those who write, "How can a person who seems reasonably intelligent and rational in other respects fall for all that superstitious claptrap?" (Actual reader quote.)

To those who think I make sense on worldly affairs, when writing on weekdays, but none when I turn to religion on Sundays, I can't resist making the obvious suggestion. Perhaps my political views are as batty as my religious ones. You should keep an open mind.

[Thanks to Joe Blake for the reference.]