Wednesday, December 03, 2003

St. Mary's by the Sea

As promised, I have put up some pictures of St. Mary's where our indult Mass is celebrated in Huntington Beach. These are scanned views taken from some old post cards. The church is very little changed, if at all. The site is here.

The views of the sanctuary do not show it set up for Mass in either rite. For the traditional Mass, the red chair behind the altar is moved away and six large candle sticks adorn the altar. The Christmas scene is also somewhat out of date. Now that we have permission for the traditional liturgy that space where the creche is shown is needed for its celebration. The creche is now set up at Christmas time near St. Therese's shrine.

[I'm not sure the e-mail address at the bottom of that site is active yet. If you've any comments you might want to address them to this blog's mailbox until tomorrow.]


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