Tuesday, December 09, 2003

De Senectute

I was in a shop over the weekend and for the first time ever the assistant , the fair, young assistant, I may say - unasked and unsolicited - offered me. . . .the senior's discount. It had to happen one day but I confess to being unprepared. I tottered home to contemplate my new-found antiquity, although I probably should have stopped off to buy some Geritol (do they still make that stuff?)

So far, old age isn't too bad. I'm kind of looking forward to calling someone a whippersnapper.

The two people I've mentioned this to so far have both wanted to know if I actually took the discount. Of course, I took it. It's a discount. I'm even cheaper than I am old and broker than I am proud. If they'd offered a fat-and-ugly discount I would've taken that, too.