Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Christmas Eve

It would have been a good day to go busking; lots of folks about in a (relatively) good mood. No more shopping to do. The last of it was the, um, festive beverages: some California port for whoever stops by, champagne for The Day Itself, and a few bottles of Chimay Cinq Cents because I love the stuff and it's too expensive most of the time for what is essentially beer. The tree goes up this afternoon. The Beeb will have the Festival of 9 Carols, etc., in the archive by then for listening while tree-trimming.

But. When about to leave with my pipes I found I had no more business cards. And then it dawned on me that since The Great Hard Drive Crash of aught three I can't just print out some more cards. I've got to re-create the master and since all the art work that was in the original has now vanished into the aether. . . .I had a different sort of afternoon.

I now have new business cards, a later start on Christmas tree trimming, and the citizenry missed out on some pretty fair country piping.

Joyeux Noel!