Wednesday, November 26, 2003

In olden days
a glimpse of stocking
was looked upon
as something shocking
but nowadays
. . . .anything goes.

And it's all happening in my in-box. The first ten minutes of my day are devoted to deleting the spam and this is just the stuff that avoided the two spam filters that are in operation. If all that was actually sent to me ended up in my inbox I'd probably have spam deletion as a full-time occupation. And, I would suppose, a solid 50% of it is considerably randier than a glimpse of stocking. I have another e-mail address that is used primarily for business and is, perforce, published on the web. It can't avoid the prowling bots out there harvesting addresses. So I have to give at least a cursory review to these things so as not to delete legitimate business inquiries.

All of which is to say that I am in complete sympathy with Charles Booher. It is my dearest wish to be foreman of his jury. He would not be convicted. He would be given a medal, the thanks of a grateful nation, and a monthly stipend with which to carry on his noble work. The stipend would be extracted from "Douglas MacKay, president of DM Contact Management, which works for Albion Medical, a firm advertising the 'Only Reliable, Medically Approved ***** Enhancement.'"

[Yes,yes, yes. I am aware that it is not at present the done thing to extract damages from the victim in a criminal case. Pfui! The ability to do so, um, emanates from the penumbra of the bill of rights! Yeah, that's the ticket: "emanates from the penumbra". Thank you, Justice Douglas, and good night.]