Monday, November 17, 2003

The Final Bulwark Against Catholic Tyranny

Why, it's the Act of Settlement of 1701 which excludes from the throne of Great Britain any Catholic or person married to a Catholic. Adrian Hilton in last week's Spectator seems to think that Britain would be plunged into a Catholic-run tyranny but for the safeguard of the Act of Settlement which preserves a Protestant monarch to the nation.

Well, I guess it's a point of view. But he does seem to have a rather exalted view of the power wielded by the monarch in the U.K. these days. The Prince of Wales is having rather a difficult time defending himself against the tabloid press, never mnd the entire nation against the putative hordes commanded by the Pope of Rome.

And as for his view of the Pope. Mercy. The Vatican is hard pressed to get priests to say Mass according the rubrics. And our friend Mr. Hilton thinks that same Pope is going to have Britain by the throat if only he can get a Catholic king. Or Queen.

It's a shame they didn't print Mr. Hilton's address. I know where I can get him a deal on the Vincent Thomas Bridge.