Sunday, November 09, 2003

Another "New-To-Me" Site

This one is Choral Evensong. It's been broadcast in the U.K. since 1926 and is now available on the web. It's exactly what the title would suggest, a broadcast of choral evensong from one of the major churches in the U.K. It is usually Anglican service - this week's is from Lichfield Cathedral - but not exclusively. Last October 15 the broadcast was of Solemn Vespers of St. Teresa of Avila broadcast from the London Oratory. (Yes, Narwen. That Oratory. I missed it, too.)

Beautiful stuff. I am a sucker for the psalms in Anglican chant which you will hear on most broadcasts.

You can listen live but if you miss a broadcast you have a week to listen to it in the archive until the next week's programme.