Thursday, October 09, 2003

Newspaper Commits Error!

No, really. Yesterday it was the Cubs who were on the local Fox station and the Red Sox who were relegated to the "loser cable station called FX". This report in "the best of the traditional Catholic blogs"* was in error, having relied on the local newspaper's television reportage which put the Cubs on the cable station. [It is, of course, remotely possible, very remotely, that I read the article incorrectly. But the possibility is so very remote that we will not do any time-wasting checks on back issues but assume, as is only reasonable, that the press was once again in error. Yes, indeed.]

Be all that as it may, the fact remains that both play off games were scheduled for exactly the same time. Some person or persons unknown in Major League Baseball needs to learn a bit about scheduling. I think Microsoft makes a programme for that.

[*Thanks Michelle for the lovely compliment.]