Thursday, October 09, 2003

Arnold Will Fix It All For Us

"It" being an $8 billion budget deficit, $400, 000 median home prices, the California bond rating being 2 steps away from junk status, and. . . well that should be enough to start with.

And he will fix all this even though he is the only state-wide elected official who is not a Democrat. The controller, the secretary of state, the lieutenant governor, all of them, they're all Democrats. The Democrats have a majority in both the Assembly and the Senate. There is no realistic possibility of them losing that majority either, thanks to the last bout of redistricting and the lax, not to say non-existent, control over illegal voting.

But Arnold, with his vast experience in economics and politics will get everything ship-shape in no time. Then he can get on to the really important things like promoting human cloning which, according to himself, "only religious fanatics" oppose.