Tuesday, January 07, 2003

7 January - St. Kentigerna

Kentigerna, mother of saints and “Loch Lomond’s Lady of Grace” was the daughter of Ceallach, King of Leinster, and the wife of Feredach. Irish calendars set the feast-day of the Daughters of Feredach at March 23. Two sons are listed, Mundus Son of Feredach and the more famous Fillan of Scotland.

After Feredach’s death, Kentigerna accompanied her brother Comghan and her son Fillan to Scotland. Skene includes her name with theirs as a founder of churches. She is remembered chiefly as a recluse on a little island in Loch Lomond variously called the Nun’s Island, Inchelroide or Royal Island and, more generally, Tuch Cailleach. On it a famous parish church was named for her.
-M.R. D’Arcy’s “The Saints of Ireland