Thursday, December 19, 2002

"Tradition!" -Tevye

Mark Cameron has two excellent posts on view this evening at Mystique et Politique: What is a "Traditional" Catholic? parts one and two. The first quotes liberally from my friend Kirk Kramer's outstanding definition of what a traditional Catholic should be. In my occasionally humble opinion, in any discussion of traditional Catholicism Kirk's definition needs to be an essential element.

This document is not meant to be an exercise in barren polemics or to call into question the good faith of other people. The unity of the Church must be grounded in charity, first and foremost; it must also be grounded in truth. We do not want to pretend to be other than what we are, Catholics who passionately love Christ our Lord, His immaculate Mother, His Church, His vicar on earth, and the liturgy which for a millenium and a half has been the principal means employed by the Church to help men to love and follow Christ better.