Saturday, October 26, 2002

The Price of Fame

Nihil Obstat has discovered The Inn. Oh, dear. It’s not a pretty sight. I seem to have given the poor soul a long night of it, hacking his way through an Amazonian rain forest of grammatical infelicity, graphotypical errors, and enough creative spelling to bring Noah Webster back from the dead.

I was going to bluff it out. < condescending grin > “That’s all well and good for those who care about that sort of thing. Spelling is the hobgoblin of little minds and grammar evolves as we all know.” < / condescending grin > But I don't think I can carry it off. The worst part is I haven’t figured out how to access the earlier material to edit the more egregious stuff.

If Nihil is going to be reviewing my blog on a regular basis, it might be more fitting to change his name. Perhaps Cunctus Obstat. Or at least Multus Obstat. Sigh. It will probably be more appropriate in the long run.

Off to find my Fowler’s and write a stiff note to Blogspot about the lack of a spell check feature.