Monday, October 21, 2002

How does this work?

According to this article in the Daily Telegraph some conservative evangelical clergy in the Church of England are going to refuse their salaries because of the disordered views of the new Archbishop of Canterbury on sexuality. The article says this is the first example of "direct action" against Dr. Williams and that it will "further raise tensions between traditionalists and liberals".

Well, O.K. I'm on the side of the protesting clergy in this one. But, um, how does this work? How does not taking your salary sock it to his lordship? If it had been me, my first thought would have been to refuse to send money to the archbishop. I'm clearly missing something here. Maybe you have to be English and we poor Scots and Irish are just genetically indisposed to understanding the finer points of Anglican church polity. Or maybe it's being American. Is a puzzlement.