Saturday, October 12, 2002

Found this today on Gerard Serafin's Blog:

"Sometime in the early seventies Hans Urs von Balthasar commented along these lines:

'The difference between Trent and Vatican II is this:

Trent took a Church that was in chaos and disrepair, and put it in good order and renewed holiness.

Vatican II took a Church in good order and put it into chaos and disrepair.

The difference being that Trent was implemented by saints; while Vatican II was

implemented by bureaucrats.' "

Gerard says that von Balthasar found too much structure and not enough spirit in the implementation of Vatican II. Interesting, as this is almost 180 degrees from what we were continually told at the time of its initial implementation. The mantra went that we should only be interested in the "spirit" of Vatican II; the old "legalism" was dead.