Monday, January 23, 2012

St Maimbod

Today is the feast of St Maimbod in some of the old Irish calendars. He was a 9th century Irish missionary monk in northern Italy and parts of Germany and France. Anna gives some of his life in her weblog here.

Mrs D'Arcy tells something of what happened after his murder in her The Saints of Ireland:

He was buried at the church in which he had so lately prayed. When miracles began to occur at his tomb, Count Aszo of Montbeliard requested Bishop Berengarius of Besançon for the removal of the remains to Montbeliard. Berengarius granted the request, but because he had lost his eyesight, he delegated to his coadjutor, Bishop Stephen, the ceremony of the Translation. During the solemnities, the blind Berengarius was miraculously cured. His own cure and many other wonders prompted Berengarius to institute a festival in honor of Maimbod on January 23, the day of his death.

Maimbod's relics were destroyed in the 16th century, but observance of his feast day continued. His name is inscribed in the diptych of the Besançon church.


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