Monday, July 25, 2011

The New O.C. Cathedral: Off-the-Rack or Bespoke?

The Diocese of Orange has been talking about a new cathedral for a few years now. They've even purchased some property to build it on. It had a website for a while, if not a building. But now the papers last Saturday have reported that the Diocese of Orange has offered $50 million for Dr Schuller's Crystal Cathedral. The Diocesan website says it's true.

I played at the Crystal Cathedral once or twice a few years back. Not in the main building but in one or the other of the chapels. I got a look-see at the big fella, though. . . .and, no. Oh, I suppose you could find a place to put an altar and room to swing a thurible. But it's impossible not to agree with this fella in the OC Register: it's about as Catholic as the Koran. You could use Google Images to find some pictures if you haven't spent your Sunday mornings with the Hour of Power.

But then, if you recall, the new L.A. Cathedral was not my very best favourite building in the whole wide Church either. So you probably already knew I wasn't going to like the CC idea.


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