Tuesday, June 09, 2009

9 June - St Colum Cille

Today is the feast of St Colum Cille, also known as Columba, "the apostle of Scotland and the bearer of of culture and Christianity to Iona and Scotland (and indirectly to all of northern England)".

Last year's post gives his collect and links to his biography.

And, once again, monarchists may note that:
The first Christian inauguration of a sovereign of record in history and the precedent for the coronation ceremonies of Westminster Abbey, is Colmcille's consecration of Aidan, King of the Irish colony in Scotland. Thus auspiciously he launched the king from whose line came Kenneth MacAlpine crowned at Scone the first Irish king of all Scotland. Malcolm Canmore who in 1093, laid the foundations of the Cathedral of Durham as it now stands; Alexander III, 1249-1286, the last Irish king of Scotland.


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