Thursday, April 23, 2009

From The Crackpottery Barn

We are almost never in favour of national day's of pretty much anything at all. This morning's Press Telegram informs of even more being promoted by the glassy-eyed brethren:

WHAT PEOPLE WANT: Environmental and public health experts are hectoring our president to proclaim national "meatless" Mondays. An overly ambitious 12-year-old author, fundraiser and UNICEF Children's Ambassador is asking everyone to go shoeless this week to raise awareness of underprivileged children. The Los Cerritos Wetlands Land Trust is throwing a dusky Friday evening vigil and protest over the leveling of the wetlands property by our old mobile home "estates" on Loynes Drive. And a Huntington Beach band is unilaterally declaring Friday as National Shave That Beard and Facial Hair Day. And people in hell continue to want ice water.

The moustache, the bacon and eggs on Monday mornings, and the shoes all stay. The Los Cerritos wetlands are a pretty nice stretch of ground. I'd hate to see a WalMart there. But the "evening vigil and protest" will have to do without me.


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