Friday, April 20, 2007

La Métamorphose d'un Autel

My friend and reader Eloise sent me this video yesterday:

La Métamorphose d'un Autel

Those of us on the indult circuit know the transformation dance well. And now this French community has put it to music. It's a delight. Do take a few minutes to watch and listen. Especially if you're on the "indult circuit".

[And don't be put off by the "15 minutes" notation. It doesn't take 15 minutes. Thanks to the magic of the fast-forward button, it's closer to 4 minutes.]

ADDENDUM 22-APR-07: I find during my Sunday web-browsing that Fr Zuhlsdorf has not only beaten me to the punch on this one, but has also added a source for the captivating background music. Father will tell you all about it (with sound links, yet) here.


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