Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Knee-Slapper from The Times

The Times does its level best to promote the fantasy land view of the world necessary to maintain its status as a leader amongst the respectable major media. In the news section, the editorials, the sports, even the classifieds. Oh, yes, the classifieds indeed. There is no job on earth which might be more suitable for one sex than for the other. Were Mother Times to carry an advertisement for lavatory attendants no despicable discrimination based upon sex would be permitted. On some mornings picking up the Times is like peering into Alice's looking-glass.

Sometimes it's bad enough to be nauseating. One has only to look at the egregioiusly sentimental series running ths week gushing about the efforts of some ghastly homosexual "couple" to acquire their own baby. It runs to several full pages in each issue with many pictures. If you really want to read it, I'm sure google will assist. I'd just as soon not link to it.

And then there are the occasional bits of terribly earnest politicking that isn't meant to look like politicking. This one appeared yesterday. I laughed for 5 minutes.

Nancy Pelosi the centrist in San Francisco.


Mao and Stalin are "centrists" in San Francisco.


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