Monday, April 12, 2004

A Ray of Light

A judge in Denver has awarded nearly $150,000 to a Christian man fired by AT&T Broadband for refusing to sign a diversity policy requiring him to "value" the beliefs of others, including gays. -from the 7 April 2004 (Los Angeles)Metropolitan News-Enterprise.

A small victory for morality. A moral evil is still presented on an equal plane with virtue. But at least one man is not required to recognize it as such. There is more on the story here, including this bit of verbal legerdemain:

A spokesman for Comcast, which owns AT&T Broadband, said, the company "is disappointed in the court's ruling," which they said appears to ignore attempts by companies "to foster diversity and nondiscrimination in the workplace."

I see. One "fosters diversity and nondiscrimination" by getting rid of those appalling Christians. "Diversity" it seems includes everyone except those who don't submit to the thought gauleiters. So when we achieve full diversity we will all be exactly the same.

Or something.


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